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Are you settling for marketing content like this?

Make this the standard.

Are you settling for marketing content like this?

Make this the standard.

It’s time to meet your camp leaders!

Taher Hamid

Steven Badorf

Maddie Franz

Check out some 5-Star testimonials from happy campers!

I am the HR and Marketing Director of a small MSP in the UK. We have been doing digital marketing (badly) for many years, but over the last couple of years we have been working hard to take it forward as our main marketing method. We decided to end the contract with our previous marketing agency because the stuff they created was poor, but I soon realised there was too much for one person to do, so I recruited a digital Marketing Assistant. After spending months helping him to understand the industry, our USPs, our prospects, and our pain points, the results were disappointing, so I let him go. I decided to focus on creating content myself, but I had no idea how I was going to do it all and was quite overwhelmed by the task.

Fortunately, our MD came across MSP Camp. I admit I was resistant at first because I was enjoying the creative elements and I had got better at using the software, but I was really struggling to get it out there, so I agreed to take a closer look.

To my surprise, MSP Camp really has it all! Everything I was trying to create (and more), and using software I am comfortable with. Social media images, pain points, motion graphics, blogs, drip campaigns, you name it, it’s all in there!

Since joining we have organised all our campaigns for the next two years, created documentation and have our whole marketing process set out with clear accountabilities across our team. We are on our second campaign, and it is all getting so much easier and is now actually happening!  

Taher, I cannot thank you and your team enough for changing my life!

I am also so impressed that you have sought out my feedback and acted so promptly on suggestions from a UK perspective. Thank you.

Anna Bowen

HR Manager and Head of Marketing, Bandicoot IT

Over the past year, I’ve been looking at different marketing platforms for solutions and ideas to help expand our business.  I came across MSP Camp after listening to the “No Fluff MSP Marketing” podcast and decided to give it a try.  I have been very impressed with the content packs and find it a very useful resource.  What I was most impressed with was the rapid response I received after I gave them some feedback on how I thought their content could better serve my business.  Taher reached out to me to express his appreciation for my feedback and almost immediately incorporated the suggestion.

For MSP’s looking for some quality marketing ideas to maybe supplement what you are getting from the Tech Tribe or elsewhere, I highly recommend MSP Camp.  You get a quality, well thought-out product at a very affordable price.

Rick Smith

CEO, Renactus Technology

I have been working with MSP Camp for the past few months and they have really helped us ramp up our marketing efforts.  We were doing zero marketing, so I really had no clue where to start.  We purchased the one-on-one consultation via MSP Camp and signed up on the Ranger plan.  Taher and Steven have gone above and beyond to help us get started.  They have taken the time to explain each step in detail and we have really improved our Google My Business rankings and gotten a ton of reviews from our clients for starters. The content packs have some really great stuff and they are always available to help with any questions we have on implementation.

Overall, I highly recommend MSP Camp to any MSP looking for a reliable, effective marketing partner.

Mark Luna

CEO, Excellent Networks

I originally joined MSP Camp just to show support for the “No Fluff MSP Marketing” podcast because I’ve enjoyed it so much, but being a member of MSP Camp has been great. The community and content that is being developed there is excellent. I highly recommend both the podcast and MSP Camp.


Dan Burt

CEO, Solzorro IT Services

We’ve been running these marketing campaigns for years. MSP Camp focusing on individual services has allowed us to get our foot in the door with so many more prospects than trying to lead in with Managed Services. I know every piece of content we put out is high quality. Not only does their marketing help us appear more credible, but it also makes us look like a bigger company than we are.

Tom Bowles

CEO, Alltek Services

We’ve worked with many MSP Marketing companies in the past and they all promise the world, but only deliver an invoice. We decided to take more agency over our own marketing by having one of our employees responsible for marketing. With MSP Camp, we don’t have to spend time on creating content or campaigns. That is all done for us. I highly recommend them!

Aaron Fox

CEO, Globalquest Solutions

Below are some FAQs that our camp commonly receives.

How do I brand my campaigns?

We include canva files for all relevant content. You can also use these as a starting point and adapt to make them your own.

What if I don’t want to brand them myself?

Our leader members can submit campaign rebrand requests using the “Request Rebrand” button found on the left sidebar after signing in (represented by the folder icon). Selecting the “Rebrand Form” button from this page will lead you to the request form: we will begin working through your request as soon as it is submitted!

In addition to campaigns, Leaders can request any of the videos, templates, or Direct Mail pieces be branded for them. We have a minor upcharge on more involved motion graphic video rebrands (example: color changes throughout the video) that will depend on the complexity of the change. 

Please note that we will brand up to 3 campaigns for our Leader members per month. Leader members still in their trial period may request 1 campaign rebrand, which will be worked on and delivered during their 7 day trial.

What if you don’t have the content or campaign that I want?

We are dedicated to making this the greatest MSP marketing content in the world. If you request specific content or campaigns, we may just build it to add to the site!

How does the Store work?

Members can purchase custom content, campaigns, sales sheets, and other digital assets. We apply our decades of MSP experience and marketing to create unique content that is built to educate and convert!

Will MSPcamp schedule out this content for me?

We create the campaigns and content, but we do not act as the marketing arm of the MSP. We do have some agency services, such as website design, SEO, and social media management, but we HIGHLY recommend getting an in-house marketing coordinator.

What if I can't afford a marketing coordinator?

No problem. If you’re a smaller MSP, you can start by doing it yourself. Not having to worry about the content creation saves hundreds of hours. After you begin seeing results, move to hiring a marketing intern and then eventually a part time or full-time marketing coordinator.

What if a competitor is using the same content?

No worries there. We lock membership by geographic region. Once you’re a member, your region is locked!

I already have a membership with Technology Marketing Toolkit and/or The Tech Tribe, why would I also subscribe to this?

So do I! Well, not TMT, but we love Tech Tribe. The community and resources there are amazing. However, they are not a marketing specific membership as they make very clear. They have marketing packs, but they do not have full campaigns. When it comes to marketing, good content is king. Having multiple memberships for yourself or your Marketing Coordinator is a good thing.

How do I know if my area is available?

When you register, we’ll cross reference your zip code with current members. Based on availability, we’ll only show memberships available in your area.

Do you cover UK, Australia, and Canada?

Yes, we do! The content will be effective in any English speaking country. We do not currently have UK or Australian actors, but if the demand is high enough we will absolutely move forward with bringing that talent into camp.

How often are you releasing content?

We release new marketing material every single week, as well as a new campaigns about every month. As we get more members, we’ll have more resources to create even more high quality content!

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