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The Hard Truth 

The vast majority of MSP marketing content that is used is terrible. You know it. I know it. It’s not good.  

It’s what I would consider “corporate washed.” It’s very boring and the foundation of all of this content is stock photos.  

Here’s some examples of the content that is likely littering your social media and website: 

Creating and posting good content consistently is not easy, which is exactly why so many default to posting generic stuff. It’s easy. 

I was running our MSP’s social media page after ripping it from the hands of our marketing company. Our reach begins to grow, our audience became more engaged, and we started getting more leads. Since I started getting busier, I had to pass it back to the marketing company (I didn’t have an internal marketing team at that point). Sure enough, they switched back to the blanket approach they take for all their clients and reach started to shrink week by week.  

Focus on Quality over Quantity  

If your content doesn’t make you smile, laugh, think, or learn, it’s not good. If you’re not engaging with your own content, there is a 0 percent chance your prospect will be engaged.  

At its core, MSP marketing content should serve some type of purpose. Sometimes the purpose truly is just to get a smile, and that’s okay. Other times it’s speaking to a specific challenge or pain point that your client has. 

Here’s an example of a challenge/pain point being addressed by your content: 

“Our Microsoft 365 subscription is a mess. We’re not sure why we have so many different types of licenses.” 

“We are constantly running into speed issues at our office. Things just don’t seem to be set up right” 

MSP Marketing Content - Network Bottlenecks

“We’re a small business. We’re not really a target. Are we?” 

You get the point. Understanding the common statements, challenges, and pain points of your target market creates an opportunity to create good content that will strike home. People appreciate creativity, and if you use that to your advantage, your MSP marketing content will stand out.  

Don’t worry about posting all the time. The important thing is making sure your content actually connects with your target market. Make sure your website, sales sheets, and social media aren’t corporate washed with quantity over quality. A full audit is the first step to upping your MSP marketing content.

What Type of Content Makes the Biggest Impact? 

Motion Animation Videos 

While these are more expensive, a one-minute motion graphic video that talks directly to your target market around a specific challenge they have will make a big impact. Here’s an example: 


Surprisingly, prospects do like infographics. It takes your complicated world and lays it out in a way they can understand. The main goal is to go heavier on the graphics than the text. This can be difficult, because you have to be able to adequately describe something complex in just a few concise sentences with matching graphics. However, it’s worth the effort, as these infographics are great to make a blog more effective or improve your conversion rate. Remember, a key aspect of strong MSP marketing content is actually putting in effort.

Video Training  

While your prospect may not care about how to set up a firewall, they do care about being more efficient at work. If you can show them cool technology that will make their life easier, show them how to use Microsoft products better, or how to apply their current technology to improve their business, they will receive value.  

That value will put you on their radar. As long as you stick to quantity over quality, it has a compounding effect for your brand.  


When prospects cannot easily visualize what the next steps are, they imagine their own, and that is NEVER a good thing. That’s exactly why we create process infographics on transitioning to a new managed service provider, transitioning to a new phone system, onboarding timeline etc. We want a simple document that lays out the process. This puts their mind at ease and improves conversion rates significantly.  


Most people love a good checklist. Laying out a prospect’s cybersecurity requirements in a simple checklist format is a great way to show value. Are they unsure of how employee onboarding/offboarding should happen? Checklist it 😊 There are tons of applications to use checklists to improve your MSP marketing content.  

Need Content Ideas?

Creating good MSP marketing content is not as hard as you think – it just takes time. Lay out the true challenges of your target market, not the perceived challenges based on what you care about.  

Use that as a jumping off point for the marketing campaign you want to create.  

Here’s an example: if you stop by the Content Examples folder on the bottom of our pricing page, you’ll see lots of examples of how we’ve created content for our members to effectively market to their target market. How am I so sure this is effective content? Because it’s the exact approach we took at Alltek to go from 3 people in a warehouse to a $4 million+ MSP in a state-of-the-art data center. It doesn’t take much to be more than most.  

Check out that folder and use it as examples for creating your own content. Want to start off with a full suite of strong content already available? Try out our free 7-day trial to see if you want to skip the line and use our content to improve your marketing right away!