All of our membership plans, compiled and explained.

Scout Plus is our non-geo locked membership. The monthly investment is lower for two reasons:

The number of campaigns and content is currently lower than Leader. However, we are actively developing for this membership and plan to catch up to the other memberships.

This is non-geo locked content. This means other MSPs in your area could be using the same content. However, given the fact that we take members from around the world and have a lot of content currently available and in production. The chances an MSP near you is using the same content at the same time is very low.

Scout Plus is a great introduction to content marketing. It’s also perfect if you’re locked out of the other memberships!

Individuals on Scout Plus are on the priority waitlist for Leader. They do not have to move up but will be the first alerted, skipping the waitlist individual that is not a Scout Plus member.

Scout+ Campaigns Published Monthly With:

Price $97

400+ pieces of High Quality MSP Marketing Content Marketing and Sales Templates

Community Forum Access

Unlimited Downloads (after trial completion)

This content is NOT Geo-Locked

To lock an area, sign up for a Leader membership

Invite Only

Price $297

Everything in Scout Plus, Along With:

30 Mile Diameter Area Lock

The Leader membership is perfect for in-house marketing teams. This unlocks:

Content rebranding – We can completely rebrand individual pieces or entire campaigns for our Leader members. This is done through the content rebrand form that automatically gets entered into our ticketing system for completion. We upload the rebranded content to your profile within 72 hours of the request.

Live action videos – These live action videos STAND OUT for advertising. We have a number of these ready to run ads and have many more in production!

Automatically branded content – We will brand certain content, like holidays posts without needing a request so you can quickly get them posted without needing a request 😊

Peer groups – Growth centered peer groups made one of the biggest impacts in our own development as an MSP in the past. It helped take our MSP from 4 people in a warehouse to a $5 million MSP. We manage every aspect of the peer group so you can focus on getting the value out of these ongoing virtual and in-person meetings!

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